IM Home Benefits

What is IM Home Benefits?

With benefits like health insurance increasing year after year, many companies need to seek ways to provide benefits to their employees without incurring additional costs. IM Home Benefits can help fulfill this need. Employers now have the opportunity to help employees manage their financial security by providing quality mortgage, Realtor, and real estate services including attorneys, home inspectors, and homeowners insurance.

By reducing employees’ stress and concerns over their financial well-being can increase production, reduction in absenteeism, and build loyalty. The IM Home Benefits program provides employees with the tools, guidance, and education to help employees when buying, selling, or refinancing their home. IM is the trusted Preferred Corporate Lender and Corporate Realtor professional provider for employers, employees, unions, school districts, and associations.

FREE to Employers and Voluntary to Employees

The valuable IM Home Benefits is free to employers and 100% voluntary to employees. There is little administration for the setup of benefits. The benefits are truly “voluntary” that employees can utilize or not to utilize. Initial Mortgage, Inc. is a one-stop-shop. Employees have convenient access to a Corporate Lender, Corporate Realtor, and real estate professionals along with savings and education. The IM Home Benefit dedicates a website for employees to research mortgage loans, buying and selling process, obtaining other real estate professionals such as attorneys and home inspectors. Employees can also fill out a secure online mortgage application.

Why Companies Offer IM Home Benefits:
  • Free to employers – no financial commitment
  • 100% voluntary and extended to family and friends
  • All employees are eligible
  • Talent recruitment, adds value and increases Loyalty
  • Retains employees, reduces absenteeism, & turnover
  • Promotes homeownership for employee commitment
  • Increases financial well-being
  • Easy to implement
  • No cost to promote benefits
  • One-stop source -Lender/Realtor/Real Estate Services
  • Informational website with secure online application
  • Works around employees’ schedules
  • “Lunch and Learn” on-site seminars available
Real Estate Is One Of Your Employees Most Valuable Assets.

The Ultimate Real Estate Employee Benefit.